Clarinet Pages


This site is intended to provide information and advice for clarinet players. It is aimed primarily at serious students in grades 6 - 12, though other players may find it useful.

I have been teaching clarinet for over twenty years, mainly at the intermediate to advanced high school level. I also maintain an active performing, composing, and conducting career.

The information contained here is, of course, personal opinion garnered over more than thirty-five years of playing the clarinet. It's not meant to contradict what you may hear from your own teacher(s), and it's certainly not meant to represent a "correspondance course" in how to play the clarinet. I'm happy to answer questions and give general advice, but it really is impossible to study an instrument over the internet. Any serious student needs the guidance of a professional private teacher.

I get two constant questions by e-mail.

"Where can I find scales?" They're right there - follow the link above.

"What are the fingerings?" It would be a waste for me to duplicate the work of others, go directly to the Woodwind Fingering Guide and dive in.

Those disclaimers aside, please enjoy this site. It will be updated as my (total lack of) time allows. You may e-mail me with comments or suggestions at (I usually take a while to respond, though...).